Diving Deeper into the Ocean of Self


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A few nights ago, I had an awesome dinner with my eldest son to celebrate his big birthday. It turned into a really epic evening as he spilled some serious life wisdom he’d picked up while leveling up into a new decade. 

He listed five things he’s planning to bring into his world this year and five things he’s ready to kick to the curb. And you know what? Some of those wishes were a straight-up mirror of what I’d choose for myself, right now! That brings me to something I totally believe in – no matter how old we are, self-discovery is like a game we should never quit. 

There’s a certain magic in self-exploration. And while there are plenty of individuals who view it as self-indulgent or selfish, I firmly maintain that the quest for self-discovery is important, regardless of one’s age. It offers new emotions, experiences and perspectives. It provides new relationships and insights that shape our individuality in distinct ways. And the most amazing part is that as our life experiences emerge and evolve, we keep growing, learning and transforming.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of self-discovery through my son’s passion as a surfer. He thinks about self-discovery as if he’s surfing out on the great ocean of life. When he first started to learn the sport in the Pacific Ocean, the unpredictable waves and undercurrents posed a challenge. The icy chill of the water, paired with the unknown of the undertow, stirred a wave of apprehension within him.

As a beginner, he had to learn to face these conditions and waves – big or small – just like in life. He had to adjust his mindset and accept that some waves might knock him down and they might make him feel like giving up. But the kicker was that each time he got back on that board, each time he paddled back into the ocean, he learned something new about himself. He discovered a courage and resilience that he might not have known was there. And now, every wave he rides, every tumble he has, every moment of calm he experiences while waiting for the next wave provides an opportunity for self-discovery, for understanding himself a little bit more.

That’s the beauty (some might say miracle!) of self-exploration. Every new experience adds another layer of depth to our character, making us more nuanced, more interesting. Furthermore, each of our experiences equips us with the skills necessary to ride the waves of life, face our fears, rebound from setbacks and heal our wounds. In this way, we come to realize that the journey into discovering ourselves is as exciting and limitless as the ocean. 

Mindful Living Tips

Set small, achievable goals that not only reveal new aspects about yourself, but also encourage you to think in novel ways and help uncover potential possibilities.

Adopt a growth mindset by viewing each experience as an opportunity for learning, whether it results in success or failure. Actively engage with diverse perspectives to broaden your understanding and challenge your own beliefs.

Reflect and journal as a regular practice. Writing about your experiences helps enhance your awareness about who you are – and who you’re becoming.

Show compassion toward yourself as you become more in tune with your traits, abilities and areas of improvement. Remember – patience and self-compassion are key ingredients in this journey of personal growth.

Guided Meditation

Heart of Compassion

“All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change.” – Octavia Estelle Butler