About Theo Koffler

Born in Toronto, Theo is a dedicated mother, public speaker, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. From 1979–1993, she was the cofounder and VP of Super Pharm Israel Ltd., playing a pivotal role in establishing Israel’s largest pharmacy chain.

However, life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with LUPUS. In response to this diagnosis, she made a profound decision to shift her focus away from her successful career to create Mindfulness Without Borders–a charitable organization providing SEL and mindfulness-based educational programs to youth, health professionals, educators and first responders.

During her time at MWB, Theo co-authored the Mindfulness Ambassador Program, the Mindful@Work series, The RETHiNK Card Deck and The RETHiNK KiT. These resources are designed to strengthen social-emotional skills and promote secular mindfulness.

In 2015, The Huffington Post recognized Mindfulness Without Borders as an organization providing innovative solutions to help shape the next decade. Through their train-the-trainer model, their impactful programs have spanned 21 countries worldwide, leaving an enduring imprint on the countless lives they have touched.

In 2022, Theo demonstrated her commitment to ensuring a lasting impact by gifting MWB's intellectual property to The Global MINDS Collective, thereby creating new generational leadership to secure long-term sustainability.

On January 2, 2023, Theo embarked on a new mission by launching Well-Being Essentials, a platform dedicated to confronting the global mental health crisis. This initiative focuses on empowering individuals with fresh perspectives and pathways for mindful living. Well-Being Essentials provides a wealth of free resources, tools and practices to catalyze human flourishing and emotional well-being, especially for individuals who find themselves among the 60% or more who lack the financial resources and support needed to manage their mental health condition effectively.

Theo has actively served on several boards and committees, including the Mindful Society Global Institute, The Goldie Hawn Foundation, the Center for Therapeutic Riding in Israel and the Garrison Institute, where she co- authored the first-ever mapping report on Contemplation and Education in K–12 Educational Settings in the United States.

In her leisure time, she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the essential strategies for achieving success. Her own well-spring of inspiration comes from her two sons, her practice of Tai Chi and her deep connection with nature. Currently, Theo calls Tiburon, California, her home.

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