Well-Being Essentials

Tools for Mindful Living


Welcome to our online platform dedicated to promoting mental health, emotional well-being and human flourishing. Our mission is to strengthen individual inherent goodness and positive qualities all while shaping healthier communities characterized by increased kindness, justice and compassion.

Mindfulness Meditations

Finding practices that calm the mind, soothe and reset the nervous system are paramount for personal well-being. In this section, there are a collection of guided mindfulness meditations to help cultivate inner peace. Like mindfulness, these practices train your mind to pay attention in the present moment—on purpose and without judgment—to what is happening inside of you (thoughts, feelings and physical sensations) as well as what is happening around you in your external environment.

Reflect & Journal

Did you know that journal writing is an informal mindfulness practice that helps you focus your mind on the here and now? In this section, you’ll find 4 new inspirational quotes each month with prompts in a downloadable digital journal for your reflections. The idea is to reflect on each quote and record your thoughts and experiences using the questions provided in the interactive journal.

Share Your Story

Are you looking for a journal with specific questions to guide you in writing about your life so far? If so, this guided journal is a safe place to explore your experience and gain deeper understanding into your journey. It’s a magical gift for loved ones too—because once the journal is completed, it can help build bridges of understanding for generations to come.